February 01, 2016

Digital Book Publishing – A Lucrative Online Money-Making Option for Bloggers

The variety of platforms available on the internet has allowed the creation of different types of post-modern communication media such as blogs, YouTube channels, social networking profiles, microblogging platforms, etc., pointing to the new communication needs by public which is in constant evolution and growth and they have also developed their own ways of making money online which has allowed its professionalization.

In the specific case of the blog Online Dimes, I will discuss about various options for how to make money online from advertising of various types such as affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, sponsored content, widgets rotating advertising, own advertising banners, products reviews, products with the brand's blog, sponsored links, webinar or platforms for distance education among others. In this article, I will discuss an alternative that is having an excellent level of acceptance among users in recent years and is about publishing digital books that are based on the contents of a blog.

The vast majority of successful blogs are run by passionate specialists in the field who are engaged in fulfilling a function of communication and information concerning the niche they belong to. This kind of position of authority as a blogger is what allows you to produce content for mass consumption, legitimated by the community of readers consuming your material.

All the content published on the blog is usually organized in a logical manner in which each of the items and functions is laid as a unit in itself, giving the overall theme that encompasses the theme of the site. From this wealth of information, you can outline dozens of opportunities in larger units that use previous publications, deepening them to form a new body with a new communicative function. From this opportunity, many bloggers have decided to launch their own digital editions of books, addressing different specific topics and niche.

One factor that has catapulted this possibility is the definitive consolidation of digital reading devices mainly with great popularity in American and European markets. Publishing for such devices, the material requires special encoding, among which include the AZW, a part of Amazon Kindle and native format, which has the advantage of being in constant evolution and have a strong DRM, a copyright system. One of the more comprehensive options is the most epub publications which allows different reading characteristics. I recommend that when you decide to publish a digital book as a source to make money online, make an exhaustive investigation of the publishing formats in order to make an informed decision.

Once you have organized the matter to publish in digital book form, your marketing can be made from Amazon, Apple iStore, Google Play or the blog itself and according to its popularity, you can evaluate the possibility of the print edition on paper.

If you already have a lot of material stored in your database and have identified issues that could be developed and organized into a digital book form, I recommend that you take time to do it because it is not only desirable from the point of online money making plan but it is also very rewarding for your career progression.

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